Plus822 Summit


+822 ("Plus Eight Two Two") is Seoul's area code for telephone numbers. "+822 is a three-day innovation technology and arts extravaganza event in Seoul built from the ground-up by creators for creators," says Richard Min, CEO and Founder of +822. +822 is a three-day technology and arts conference event held in Seoul. Founded with the purpose of … [Read more...]

The biggest startup in Korea … is Korea itself.


The biggest startup in Korea.... is Korea itself. Yes, its cool to be Korean I've seen more change and push for support of entrepreneurial industries in Korea in the last 3 years than the last 10 prior combined.  "Startups" is the "in" term for it now, but at the end of the day we are talking about entrepreneurs in any field -- whether tech, … [Read more...]

Samsung: Second Most Innovative IoT Firm

  According to IoT industry follower WTVOX, South Korea native Samsung Electronics Co. ranks second to U.S. based Intel Corp. in terms of innovation within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Intel has remained the leader in this industry to date, with $2.1 Billion U.S. in revenue in 2014 from IoT-related businesses. Samsung ahead of … [Read more...]

Mashups, Digital Solution Provider


Mashups is a data analytics firm that provides digital services on a consultancy basis. Utilizing technology hardware and software, Mashups integrates these into campaign and branding solutions. The firm focuses on next generation devices and operating systems, particularly Bluetooth low-energy beacons for the Internet of Things … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Ask for a Cyworld Page


Recently I’ve gotten a number of inquiries from international brands about setting up Cyworld pages for them in Korea. Consider this a public service announcement: As far as marketers are concerned, Cyworld is dead. Yes, the site still exists and has lots of registered users but since mid-2011 Facebook has consistently gotten more monthly … [Read more...]

Uber Opens Its Luxury Sedan Doors to Korea

Uber Korea Press Event Luncheon

Last June we published our intro post about American start-up “Uber” sharing an overview of the company, a firsthand testimonial and our excitement for its launch in Korea. On July 31st, I had the pleasure to attend their official launch luncheon at the Plaza Hotel Seoul, where Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) introduced the company’s history … [Read more...]

Synrgic – the Next Xiaomi of Asia?

Synrgic CEO & Founder - Suan Jin Cheo

I peered through the busy crowd and spied a young lad dressed in a checkered shirt and jeans. Coupled with a backpack and a mobile phone in one hand, he would not have looked out of place at a university. Meet Suan Jin Cheo, the fast-talking 26-year-old founder and CEO of Synrgic, a Singapore-based startup that was established back in 2009. The … [Read more...]

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation…. A modern buzz word or a mega trend?

"Innovation and ingenuity has the ability to transform the way we do almost everything.... and we should do all that we can to encourage this type of innovation economy all across America". These were the resounding statements of a speech delivered on May 09, 2013, by United States President Barack Obama, in one of the United State's innovation … [Read more...]

Startup Battle Korea 2013: Memebox and Malang Studio Take Home Top Prizes

Being invited to Startup Battle Korea 2013 was even more exciting than receiving a present on my birthday (and that's not an over-exaggeration). Thanks to friends at Seoul Space/Boom Media, I found myself in the Allegro ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel Coex last Tuesday, enveloped in a crowd of nerves, excitement, anticipation and hope. It … [Read more...]

Postcards from the US: “Pretty much all of the time”


This is the second in a series of posts from Ross Geesman, who is a global manager at Cizion as the Korean startup works its way into the US market. During his time there he will be sharing advice and experiences through his posts in the hopes of helping out other Korean startups who are eyeing up overseas markets. On Being a Korean Startup in … [Read more...]